Tuesday, July 23, 2013

VHS Index: Blood Diner (Vestron Video)

Distributor Info
Title: Blood Diner
Distr: Vestron Video
Cat #: 5216
Case: Slipcase
Year: 1987

Movie Info
Orig. Title: Blood Diner
Director: Jackie Kong
Year: 1987
Country: USA
Genre: Horror/Comedy
Subgenre: Cannibalism/Splatter


Box Synopsis:
           "Grab a table at BLOOD DINER - a cut above the rest! Everything's fresh, every day. Slice and dice your way to a horrifyingly good time with this spicy delight with more than a dash of humor.
           The Namtut Brothers run the most popular restaurant in town. Popular, that is, if you're the county coroner! The 'Head' Chef has a real human touch with his recipes - he's killing and grilling up a storm at the diner that serves the best 'brain food' in town.
           No one is safe, from the 18 bouncing cheerleaders, to the sacrificial maiden, who just happens to be the Police Chief's daughter. The Brothers are attempting to ressurect the ancient and deadly goddess of blood and lust, Sheeter, but her eventual return should bring the evil brothers their just desserts."

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