Monday, July 1, 2013

The VHS Index: Cult Video ('80s)

Total Titles: 14
Cat #:Title:Genre: Case Type:Year:
C 1Smooth Velvet Raw Silk (1976)Erotic/DramaSlipcase1982
C 2The Twilight People (1972)HorrorSlipcase1982
C 3Night Creature (1978)Horror/AdventureSlipcase1982
C 4The Cars that Eat People (1974)Horror/ComedySlipcase1982
C 5Snuff (1976)HorrorSlipcase1982
C 6Blood Feast (1963)HorrorSlipcase1982
C 7Drive-In Massacre (1977)HorrorSlipcase1982
C 8Famous T&A (1982)DocumentarySlipcase1982
C 9She Devils in Chains (1972)Action/DramaSlipcase1982
C 10Thirst (1979)HorrorSlipcase1982
C 11Curse of the Headless Horseman (1972)HorrorSlipcase1982
C 12Beast of the Yellow Night (1971)HorrorSlipcase1982
C 13Shadowman (1974)MysterySlipcase1982
C 14The Legend of Spider Forest (1971)HorrorSlipcase1982

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