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The VHS Index: Lightning Video

Total Titles: 89
Cat #:Title:Genre: Case Type:Year:
VA 9038Tell Me That You Love Me (1983)DramaSlipcase1984
LA 9000Bruce Lee: The Man the Myth (1976)DocumentarySlipcase1985
LA 9010The Police Tapes (1977-TV)DocumentarySlipcase1986
LA 9017Klondike Fever (1980)AdventureSlipcase1985
LA 9029When the Screaming Stops (1976)HorrorSlipcase1985
LA 9030Deadly Sunday (1982)ThrillerSlipcase1985
LA 9037The Adventures of Sinbad the Sailor (1973)AnimationSlipcase1986
LA 9041Streets of L.A. (1979-TV)DramaSlipcase1985
LA 9042Wild Beasts (1985)HorrorSlipcase1985
LA 9052Murders in the Rue Morgue (1971)HorrorSlipcase1986
LA 9067The Legend of Boggy Creek (1972)HorrorSlipcase1986
LA 9074Bad Girls in the Movies (1986)DocumentarySlipcase1987
LA 9500Walking Tall (1973)Action/DramaSlipcase1985
LA 9502Revenge of the Dead (1983)HorrorSlipcase1985
LA 9503Short Eyes (1977)Crime/DramaSlipcase1985
LA 9504What Waits Below (1983)HorrorSlipcase1985
LA 9505Devil Dog: The Hound of Hell (1978-TV)HorrorSlipcase1985
LA 9508Mean Dog Blues (1979)Action/DramaSlipcase1985
LA 9515Welcome to Blood City (1977)Sci-Fi/WesternSlipcase1985
LA 9516Terror in the Wax Museum (1973)HorrorSlipcase1985
LA 9517W (1974)ThrillerSlipcase1985
LA 9518Arnold (1973)Horror/ComedySlipcase1985
LA 9523Evils of the Night (1984)Horror/Sci-FiSlipcase1986
LA 9524The Sea Serpent (1985)Sci-Fi/HorrorSlipcase1986
LA 9525Frankenstein (1984)HorrorSlipcase1986
LA 9538Good-Bye Cruel World (1982)ComedySlipcase1985
LA 9539The Clones (1973)Sci-FiSlipcase1986
LA 9543Manhattan Baby (1982)HorrorSlipcase1986
LA 9544The Psychic (1977)Horror/ThrillerSlipcase1986
LA 9546Screamtime (1983)HorrorSlipcase1985
LA 9549A Blade in the Dark (1983)HorrorSlipcase1986
LA 9551Sno-Line (1984)Action/CrimeSlipcase1986
LA 9555Tiger Joe (1981)ActionSlipcase1986
LA 9558The Clonus Horror (1979)Horror/Sci-FiSlipcase1986
LA 9559Frozen Terror (1980)Horror/ThrillerSlipcase1986
LA 9560Igor and the Lunatics (1986)Horror/ComedySlipcase1986
LA 9565Title Shot (1980)Action/CrimeSlipcase1986
LA 9569The House of Yellow Carpet (1983)Mystery/DramaSlipcase1986
LA 9576It's Called Murder, Baby (1982)AdultSlipcase1986
LA 9580Girls School Screamers (1986)HorrorSlipcase1986
LA 9583Scream and Die (1974)HorrorSlipcase1986
LA 9585Formula for a Murder (1985)HorrorSlipcase1987
LA 9597Massacre in Dinosaur Valley (1985)AdventureSlipcase1986
LA 9901Blind Date (1984)Horror/ThrillerSlipcase1985
LA 9903Dog Day (1984)ActionSlipcase1985
LA 9906Yellow Hair and the Fortress of Gold (1984)AdventureSlipcase1985
LA 9907The Dungeonmaster (1984)Fantasy/Sci-FiSlipcase1985
LA 9908Superstition (1982)HorrorSlipcase1985
LA 9909Prime Risk (1984)DramaSlipcase1985
LA 9910Part 2: Walking Tall (1975)Action/DramaSlipcase1985
LA 9911Final Chapter: Walking Tall (1977)Action/DramaSlipcase1985
LA 9912Walking the Edge (1983)Action/ThrillerSlipcase1985
LA 9914Sky High (1984)Comedy/ActionSlipcase1986
LA 9920The Alchemist (1984)Horror/Sci-FiSlipcase1986
LA 9922Panther Squad (1984)ActionSlipcase1986
LA 9924Alligator (1980)HorrorSlipcase1986
LA 9925She (1982)Sci-Fi/ActionSlipcase1986
LA 9926Young Lady Chatterley II (1985)Erotic/DramaSlipcase1986
LA 9927Zone Troopers (1985)Sci-FiSlipcase1986
LA 9929Land of Doom (1984)Sci-Fi/ActionSlipcase1986
LA 9931Naked Vengeance (1985)ActionSlipcase1986
LA 9933Dark of the Night (1985)HorrorSlipcase1986
LA 9934TerrorVision (1986)Horror/Sci-FiSlipcase1986
LA 9938American Commandos (1986)ActionSlipcase1986
LA 9943Crawlspace (1986)Horror/td>Slipcase1986
LA 9946The Toxic Avenger (unrated version) (1984)Horror/ComedySlipcase1986
LA 9948Hands of Steel (1986)Sci-Fi/ActionSlipcase1986
LA 9950The Zero Boys (1985)ActionSlipcase1987
LA 9955Nightmare Weekend (1986)HorrorSlipcase1986
9600Angel's Brigade (1979)ActionSlipcase1987
9604Scenes of a Murder (1972)Horror/ThrillerSlipcase1987
9605Scorchy (1976)ActionSlipcase1987
9928Space Rage (1985)Sci-Fi/WesternSlipcase1987
9949Warriors of the Apocalypse (1985)Sci-Fi/ActionSlipcase1987
9953The Toxic Avenger (R-rated version) (1984)Horror/ComedySlipcase1987
9956American Justice (1986)ActionSlipcase1987
9957Chopping Mall (1986)HorrorSlipcase1986
9959Wired to Kill (1986)Sci-Fi/ActionSlipcase1987
9960Nightforce (1986)ActionSlipcase1987
9961Every Time We Say Goodbye (1986)DramaSlipcase1987
9964The Wind (1986)HorrorSlipcase1987
9969Neon Maniacs (1986)HorrorSlipcase1987
9970Necropolis (1987)HorrorSlipcase1987
9971The Wraith (1986)Horror/Sci-FiSlipcase1987
9973Party Camp (1986)ComedySlipcase1987
9981Street Trash (1987)Horror/ComedySlipcase1987
9982The Night Stalker (1986)Horror/ThrillerSlipcase1987
9984The Under Achievers (1987)ComedySlipcase1988
9985Eternal Evil (1985)HorrorSlipcase1988

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