Wednesday, June 19, 2013

An Eye On eBay VHS: Volume #5

Welcome to Volume #5 of "An Eye On eBay". This volume covers auctions ending from June 1 to June 16 of 2013.

Lunch Meat (Tapeworm - slipcase - 1987)
Sold for $203.50.
This particular tape was in good condition with only minor edge wear, some light creasing, and a small tear in the top flap.

Lunch Meat (Monogram Entertainment/Tapeworm - slipcase)
Sold for $127.50.
This copy was in very good condition, with only minor edge wear.

Splatter Farm (Donna Michelle Productions - slipcase - 1990)
Sold for $191.38.
This tape was a former rental with some stickes on the cassette, and with some edge wear to the slipcase, but in good condition overall.

Streets of Death (Argosy Video - slipcase - 1987)
Sold for $114.49.
This tape was a former rental with rental store stickers on box and cassette. Case had a fair amount of edge wear and a tear on the spine.

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