Saturday, June 22, 2013

VHS Index: Hobgoblins (Trans World Entertainment)

Distributor Info
Title: Hobgoblins
Distr: Trans World Entertainment
Cat #: 0688
Case: Slipcase
Year: 1988

Movie Info
Orig. Title: Hobgoblins
Director: Rick Sloane
Year: 1988
Country: USA
Genre: Horror/Comedy
Subgenre: Monsters

"Be careful what you wish for...You just might get it!"

Box Synopsis:
           "Nothing attracts attention more than a sealed box...and old McCreedy, the studio's night watchman, should have known that he was courting disaster when he warned Kevin, the new trainee, to stay away from the old vault. But, now, it's too late...The Hobgoblins make no exception for idle curiosity. They're loose and they're ready to make all your fantasies come true...But, be warned, the results are deadly!"

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