Thursday, June 20, 2013

VHS Index: Death Warmed Up (Vestron Video)

Distributor Info
Title: Death Warmed Up
Distr: Vestron Video
Cat #: VA4396
Case: Slipcase
Year: 1986

Movie Info
Orig. Title: Death Warmed Up
Director: David Blyth
Year: 1984
Country: New Zealand/Australia
Genre: Horror/Sci-Fi
Subgenre: Medical/Splatter

"Pray You Never Check Into Trans Cranial Applications!"

Box Synopsis:
           "DEATH WARMED UP is the award-winning thrill-a-minute festival of fright that has delighted horror fans and critics alike. It's a completely over-the-top film that throws good taste out the window in favor of a good laugh!
From the makers of Australian award-winning films THE MAN FROM SNOWY RIVER and PHAR LAP comes a totally different film. DEATH WARMED UP revolves around the twisted human experiments of Dr. Archer Howell. A prestigious and prominent neurosurgeon, Howell leaves his regular residency, escaping to an isolated island where he practices his own brand of disturbed medicine.
TRANS CRANIAL APPLICATIONS is, at a glance, an ultra-modern facility with a dedicated team of doctors and nurses, but under close scrutiny it becomes a hospital of horrific inhuman humiliation! Dr. Howell is transforming innocent people into crazed, mutant killing machines!"

Death Warmed Up Theatrical Trailer

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