Saturday, June 22, 2013

VHS Index: Stage Fright (Imperial Entertainment Corp.)

Distributor Info
Title: Stage Fright
Distr: Imperial Entertainment Corp.
Cat #: 1501
Case: Large clamshell
Year: 1987

Movie Info
Orig. Title: Deliria
Director: Michele Soavi
Year: 1987
Country: Italy
Genre: Horror
Subgenre: Slasher/Giallo

"'STAGE FRIGHT' is not for the squeamish!"

Box Synopsis:
           "A group of young actors and dancers rehearsing a horror-musical based on the sadistic mass murders of a psychotic killer, discover that stagefright can be terrifyingly fatal when the real killer joins the cast!
After escaping from a nearby mental institution, the killer - a berserk ex-actor named Irving Wallace who had already viciously murdered 16 people - slaughters the troupe's wardrobe mistress with an axe.
Seizing on the murder as an opportunity to promote his play, the fanatical director moves the opening night forward, forcing the actors to rehearse all night by locking them inside the theater. In the mayhem that follows, the keys are lost.
The group soon realizes that Irving is among them, planning a long night of terror and carnage..."

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