Saturday, July 6, 2013

VHS Index: Golden Exterminator (Unicorn Video)

Distributor Info
Title: Golden Exterminator
Distr: Unicorn Video
Cat #: 11181
Case: Large clamshell (embedded)
Year: 198?

Movie Info
Orig. Title: Golden Exterminator
Director: Kim Hyo Chun
Year: 1986
Country: Hong Kong
Genre: Martial Arts
Subgenre: Revenge

"Get him angry and get set for TROUBLE"

Box Synopsis:
           "Raymond Chan, the Kung Fu Dragon, stars as Chin-Wa in this tale of revenge and rescue energized by masterful knife-wielding martial arts combat.
           After his release from prison, Chin-Wa is determined to avenge the death of his gang's Master, who died at the hands of Mr. Sun. When Chin-Wa gains revenge by impressively knocking off one of Sun's key men, he becomes a target of death himself.
           The action climaxes when Chin-Wa teams with his brother John - another martial arts master, and invades Sun's camp on a defiant rescue mission, ultimately resulting in a spectacular battle to the death."

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