Thursday, July 18, 2013

VHS Index: Challenge to White Fang (Trans World Entertainment)

Distributor Info
Title: Challenge to White Fang
Distr: Trans World Entertainment
Year: 1986
Cat #: 49002
Case: Large clamshell

Movie Info
Orig. Title: Il ritorno di Zanna Bianca
Director: Lucio Fulci
Year: 1974
Country: Italy
Genre: Action/Adventure
Subgenre: Animals


Box Synopsis:
           "White Fang, the bravest dog in the Yukon, faces his greatest challenge ever when he tries against impossible odds to help Jason Scott (Franco Nero) keep an old prospector's dying wish to his grandson.
           After years of trying a grizzled old man, John Tarwater (Harry Carey Jr.) discovers a gold mine deep in the frozen wilderness of the Yukon, but dies before he can stake his claim to it. Instead he wills the mine to his grandson Bill (Renato Cestie), but an unscrupulous businessman, Forth, decides to claim the mine for himself. Sister Evangeline (Virna Lisi) knows Forth has committed other crimes, but before she can prove it, the ruthless Forth burns down her mission and Sister Evangeline is killed. Risking their lives as they race across the frozen tundra toward Tarwater's gold mine, only Jason and the courageous White Fang can stop the evil Forth from denying the old man's last wish!"

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