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The VHS Index: Trans World Entertainment

Cat #:Title:Genre: Case Type:Year:
10058The Intruder Within (1981-TV)Horror/Sci-FiLarge clamshell1984
10087The Phoenix Team (1985-TV)Thriller/ActionLarge clamshell1985
10089Side Show (1981-TV)Thriller/DramaLarge clamshell1986
10650The Master Ninja (1984-TV)Martial ArtsLarge clamshell1985
10652The Master Ninja 2 (1984-TV)Martial ArtsLarge clamshell1985
10654The Master Ninja 3 (1984-TV)Martial ArtsLarge clamshell1985
10656The Master Ninja 4 (1984-TV)Martial ArtsLarge clamshell1985
10701USA All-Star Wrestling (1985)SportsLarge clamshell1985
15007Daggers 8 (1980)Martial ArtsLarge clamshell1984
15010Two Wondrous Tigers (1980)Martial ArtsLarge clamshell1985
15013The Kung Fu WarriorMartial ArtsLarge clamshell1985
15020Snake in the Eagle's Shadow 2 (1979)Martial ArtsLarge clamshell1985
18001The Invisible Strangler (1976)Sci-FiLarge clamshell1984
19001White Fire (1984)ActionLarge clamshell1985
20001Jungle Heat (1983)AdventureLarge clamshell1984
26001Bloody Moon (1981)HorrorLarge clamshell1985
27001Thunder Warrior (1983)ActionLarge clamshell1985
32004The Fighting Fist of Shanghai Joe (1973)Western/ActionLarge clamshell1985
38009Manhunter (1980)HorrorLarge clamshell1986
38013Monster Dog (1984)HorrorLarge clamshell1986
38024Tharus Son of Attila (1962)ActionLarge clamshell1987
38113Vulcan - God of Fire (1962)FantasyLarge clamshell1986
39005Ninja The Protector (1986)Martial ArtsLarge clamshell1986
39006Kingfisher the Killer (1981)Martial ArtsLarge clamshell1986
39010Ninja Dragon (1986)Martial ArtsLarge clamshell1986
39014Wolfen Ninja (1983)Martial ArtsLarge clamshell1986
39016Ninja Champion (1985)Martial ArtsLarge clamshell1986
39018Ninja Destroyer (1986)Martial ArtsLarge clamshell1986
39019Ninja Thunderbolt (1984)Martial ArtsLarge clamshell1986
39020Ninja Hunt (1986)Martial ArtsLarge clamshell1986
39021Ninja Showdown (1986)Martial ArtsLarge clamshell1987
46001The Tormentors (1971)Action/CrimeLarge clamshell1986
46002The Delos Adventure (1987)ActionLarge clamshell1987
49001The Night God Screamed (1971)HorrorLarge clamshell1987
49002Challenge to White Fang (1974)AdventureLarge clamshell1986
0614The Video Murders (1987)HorrorSlipcase1987
0619Evil Town (1987)HorrorSlipcase1987
0620Plutonium Baby (1987)HorrorSlipcase1987
0623Ninja Fantasy (1986)Martial ArtsSlipcase1987
0643Outlaw Force (1988)Action/DramaSlipcase1988
0644House of Terror (1974)HorrorSlipcase1987
0662War Cat (1987)ActionSlipcase1988
0686Mama Dracula (1980)Horror/ComedySlipcase1988
0688Hobgoblins (1988)HorrorSlipcase1988
0692Ninja's Extreme Weapons (1988)Martial ArtsSlipcase1988
0698Maniac Cop (1988)Horror/ActionSlipcase1988
0869ThunderScore (1989)Martial ArtsSlipcase1989

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