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The VHS Index: Media Home Entertainment

Total Titles: 571
Cat #:Title:Genre: Case Type:Year:
NoneThe Clowns (1971) [Meda]DocumentarySlipcase1978
NonePsychomania (1973) [Meda]HorrorSlipcase1978
NoneSeals & Crofts Live (1976) [Meda]MusicSlipcase1978
M 1004Fantasy in Blue (1975) [Meda]DramaSlipcase1978
M 1005Swinging Sorority Girls (1976) [Meda]Erotic/ComedySlipcase1978
M 1011Slaves of Love (1969) [Meda]AdventureSlipcase1978
M 1014Swinging Ski Girls (197?)[Meda]Erotic/ComedySlipcase1978
M 1016Ribald Tales of Robin Hood (1969) [Meda]Erotic/ComedySlipcase1978
M 1017Hey, There's Naked Bodies on My TV! (1978) [Meda]ComedySlipcase1978
M 1113Night of the Living Dead (1968)HorrorSlipcase1978
M 101The Groove Tube (1974)ComedySlipcase1981
M 102The Chinese Godfather (1974) [Meda]Martial ArtsSlipcase1978
M 103The Jungle Book (1942)AdventureSlipcase1981
M 104A Boy and His Dog (1975)Sci-FiSlipcase1982
M 105Tunnel Vision (1976)ComedySlipcase1978
M 106Horror Express (1972)HorrorSlipcase1982
M 107Rebel Rousers (1970)Crime/DramaSlipcase1982
M 108Attack of the Killer Tomatoes (1978) [Meda]Horror/ComedySlipcase1978
M 108Attack of the Killer Tomatoes (1978)Horror/ComedySlipcase1981
M 109The Clowns (1971)DocumentarySlipcase19??
M 110Heat (1972) [Meda]Comedy/DramaSlipcase19??
M 111Reefer Madness (1936) [Meda]DramaSlipcase1978
M 112Cocaine Fiends (1935) [Meda]Crime/DramaSlipcase1978
M 113Night of the Living Dead (1968)HorrorSlipcase1982
M 114Psychomania (1973)HorrorSlipcase1984
M 115The Day of the Triffids (1962)Sci-FiSlipcase1981
M 115The Day of the Triffids (1962)Sci-FiSlipcase1985
M 117Things to Come (1936)Sci-FiSlipcase1978
M 117Things to Come (1936)Sci-FiSlipcase1983
M 118Flash Gordon: Rocketship (1936)Sci-FiSlipcase1978
M 120The Lady Vanishes (1938)ThrillerSlipcase1983
M 121The Man Who Knew Too Much (1934)ThrillerSlipcase1983
M 122Meet John Doe (1941)Comedy/DramaSlipcase1983
M 123The Scarlet Pimpernel (1935)AdventureSlipcase1983
M 125The Flying Deuces (1939)ComedySlipcase1978
M 126My Man Godfrey (1936)Comedy/DramaSlipcase1978
M 127The 3rd Man (1949)ThrillerSlipcase1982
M 128Till the Clouds Roll By (1946)MusicalSlipcase198?
M 129The Most Dangerous Game (1932)ThrillerSlipcase1983
M 130Blackenstein (1973) [Meda]HorrorSlipcase1978
M 131Halloween (1978) [Meda]HorrorSlipcase1978
M 131Halloween (1978)HorrorSlipcase1981
M 132Assault on Precinct 13 (1976)Action/ThrillerSlipcase1981
M 133Cocaine Cowboys (1979)Crime/DramaSlipcase198?
M 134Tourist Trap (1979)HorrorSlipcase1979
M 135Laserblast (1977)Sci-FiSlipcase1978
M 135Laserblast (1977)Sci-FiSlipcase1984
M 136End of the World (1977) [Meda]Sci-FiSlipcase1978
M 137The Day Time Ended (1979)Sci-FiSlipcase1981
M 138Slithis (1978)Horror/Sci-FiSlipcase1981
M 139High Velocity (1976)ActionSlipcase1984
M 140The Man from Clover Grove (1975)ComedySlipcase1981
M 141Roller Boogie (1979)DramaSlipcase1981
M 142The Wicker Man (1975)HorrorSlipcase1978
M 143Can I Do It...Til I Need Glasses? (1979)ComedySlipcase1982
M 144If You Don't Stop It...You'll Go Blind!!! (1975)ComedySlipcase1982
M 145Bilitis (1977)DramaSlipcase198?
M 146The House that Vanished (1974)HorrorSlipcase1984
M 147Schizo (1976)HorrorSlipcase1978
M 148The Clones of Bruce Lee (1977)Martial ArtsSlipcase1978
M 149Return of the Tiger (1979)Martial ArtsSlipcase198?
M 150The Wackiest Wagon Train in the West (1976)Comedy/WesternSlipcase1981
M 151Albino (1976)ThrillerSlipcase1978
M 152Sudden Death (1977)Action/DramaSlipcase1981
M 153The Image of Bruce Lee (1980)Martial ArtsSlipcase1983
M 154Fade to Black (1980)HorrorSlipcase1981
M 155Maniac (1980)HorrorSlipcase1981
M 156The Centerfold Girls (1974)ThrillerSlipcase1981
M 157Hell Night (1981)HorrorSlipcase1982
M 158The Bodyguard (1976)Martial ArtsSlipcase1981
M 159The Haunting of Julia (1977)HorrorSlipcase1981
M 160Life with Father (1947)ComedySlipcase1981
M 161It's a Wonderful Life (1946)Drama/FantasySlipcase1981
M 162Africa Screams (1949)ComedySlipcase1981
M 163The Perils of Pauline (1947)ComedySlipcase1981
M 164Blood Beach (1980)HorrorSlipcase1981
M 165The Terror (1963)HorrorSlipcase1982
M 166The Little Princess (1939)Comedy/DramaSlipcase1982
M 167Bruce Lee Fights Back from the Grave (1976)Martial ArtsSlipcase1982
M 169The Shooting (1966)WesternSlipcase1981
M 170Ride in the Whirlwind (1966)WesternSlipcase1982
M 171The Inspector General (1949)Comedy/MusicalSlipcase1982
M 172Day of the Animals (1977)HorrorSlipcase1982
M 173The Dark (1973)Horror/Sci-FiSlipcase1982
M 174Kill and Kill Again (1981)Martial ArtsSlipcase1983
M 175The Force Beyond (1978)DocumentarySlipcase1985
M 176House of Shadows (1976)HorrorSlipcase1983
M 177Home Sweet Home (1981)HorrorSlipcase1985
M 178To All a Goodnight (1980)HorrorSlipcase1983
M 179Demented (1980)HorrorSlipcase1982
M 180The Unseen (1980)HorrorSlipcase1982
M 181The Hearse (1980)HorrorSlipcase1982
M 182Summer Camp (1979)ComedySlipcase1982
M 183The Cheerleaders (1973)Comedy/SportsSlipcase198?
M 184Lunch Wagon (1981)ComedySlipcase1984
M 185The Haunted Strangler (1958)HorrorSlipcase198?
M 186I Drink Your Blood (1970)HorrorSlipcase1983
M 187Go For It (1976)DocumentarySlipcase1982
M 188Sextette (1978)Comedy/MusicalSlipcase1982
M 189Grizzly (1976)HorrorSlipcase1982
M 190Johnny Got His Gun (1971)Drama/WarSlipcase1982
M 191Don't Go in the House (1980)HorrorSlipcase1982
M 192Silent Scream (1972)HorrorSlipcase1982
M 193The Deadly and the Beautiful (1973)Martial ArtsSlipcase1982
M 194Don't Answer the Phone (1980)HorrorSlipcase1982
M 195Blue Fire Lady (1977)DramaSlipcase1983
M 196The Seduction (1982)ThillerSlipcase1983
M 197Kill or Be Killed (1980)Martial ArtsSlipcase1982
M 198Alice Goodbody (1974)ComedySlipcase1983
M 199Beyond the Door (1974)HorrorSlipcase1982
M 200Coach (1978)Comedy/SportsSlipcase1983
M 201Demonoid (1981)HorrorSlipcase1983
M 203The Adventures of the Wilderness Family (1975)AdventureSlipcase1982
M 204Wilderness Family, Part 2 (1978)AdventureSlipcase1983
M 206Challenge to Be Free (1975)AdventureSlipcase1982
M 206Across the Great Divide (1976)WesternSlipcase1982
M 207Mountain Family Robinson (1979)AdventureSlipcase1983
M 208Vanishing Wilderness (1974)DocumentarySlipcase1982
M 209Wonder of It All (1974)DocumentarySlipcase1982
M 210The Great Adventure (1975)WesternSlipcase1984
M 211The Prize Fighter (1979)Action/SportsSlipcase1982
M 213Devil Times Five (1974)HorrorSlipcase1982
M 214The Sex Machine (1975)Erotic/ComedySlipcase1982
M 215Terror on Tour (1980)HorrorSlipcase1983
M 216American Nightmare (1983)HorrorSlipcase1983
M 218Shogun's Ninja (1980)Martial ArtsSlipcase1983
M 219Raw Force (1982)Martial ArtsSlipcase1983
M 220Basket Case (1982)HorrorSlipcase1983
M 226The Octagon (1980)Martial ArtsSlipcase1983
M 227A Force of One (1979)Martial ArtsSlipcase1983
M 228Charlie Chan and the Curse of the Dragon Queen (1981)MysterySlipcase1983
M 229Force: Five (1981)Martial ArtsSlipcase1983
M 230Cheaper to Keep Her (1981)ComedySlipcase1983
M 231Sitting Ducks (1980)ComedySlipcase1983
M 233Kentucky Fried Movie (1977)ComedySlipcase1983
M 234Sleuth (1972)MysterySlipcase1983
M 235Knightriders (1981)ActionSlipcase1983
M 236Mother's Day (1980)HorrorSlipcase1983
M 237Tintorera...Tiger Shark (1977)HorrorSlipcase1983
M 238The Heartbreak Kid (1972)Comedy/DramaSlipcase1983
M 241To Kill a Clown (1972)ThrillerSlipcase1983
M 242Texas Lightning (1981)Action/DramaSlipcase1983
M 244Beyond Evil (1980)HorrorSlipcase1983
M 246Survival Run (1979)ActionSlipcase1983
M 247Angel and the Badman (1947)WesternSlipcase1983
M 248Murder for Sale (1930)Comedy/MusicalSlipcase1983
M 249Tim (1979)DramaSlipcase1983
M 250The Twelve Chairs (1970)ComedySlipcase1983
M 251Beyond the Door II (1977)HorrorSlipcase1983
M 252Liquid Sky (1982)Sci-Fi/ComedySlipcase1983
M 253The Glove (1979)ActionSlipcase1983
M 254Stone Cold Dead (1979)Crime/ThrillerSlipcase1983
M 255The Fifth Floor (1978)ThrillerSlipcase1983
M 256Touched (1983)DramaSlipcase1983
M 257The Pied Piper of Hamelin (1957-TV)FantasySlipcase1983
M 258The Grey Fox (1982)WesternSlipcase1983
M 259Loophole (1981)Crime/DramaSlipcase1983
M 260One Down, Two to Go (1976)ActionSlipcase1983
M 261A Time To Die (1982)Crime/DramaSlipcase1983
M 262Virus (1980)Sci-FiSlipcase1984
M 263The Alpha Incident (1978)Sci-FiSlipcase1984
M 264Hell's Angels Forever (1983)DocumentarySlipcase1984
M 2651990: The Bronx Warriors (1982)Sci-Fi/ActionSlipcase1984
M 266The Dorm that Dripped Blood (1982)HorrorSlipcase1984
M 267Shattered (1972)Crime/ThrillerSlipcase1984
M 268Abduction (1975)Crime/ThrillerSlipcase1984
M 269Countryman (1982)DramaSlipcase1984
M 270The Great Smokey Roadblock (1977)Comedy/DramaSlipcase1984
M 271Hell's Angels '69 (1969)Action/DramaSlipcase1984
M 272Tin Man (1983)DramaSlipcase1984
M 274Cardiac Arrest (1979)HorrorSlipcase1986
M 277The Dark Ride (1978)HorrorSlipcase198?
M 280The Loveless (1982)DramaSlipcase1984
M 281Out of the Blue (1980)DramaSlipcase1984
M 282The Last Horror Film (1982)HorrorSlipcase1984
M 285Mystery Mansion (1983)ThrillerSlipcase1984
M 286Day of the Cobra (1980)Action/CrimeSlipcase1985
M 287Hatchet for the Honeymoon (1971)HorrorSlipcase1985
M 288Forbidden Zone (1982)Fantasy/MusicalSlipcase1984
M 289Streamers (1983)War/DramaSlipcase1984
M 290Cabo Blanco (1983)AdventureSlipcase1984
M 291Brainwash (1981)Drama/ThrillerSlipcase1984
M 292Once in Paris (1978)DramaSlipcase1984
M 293Android (1982)Sci-FiSlipcase1984
M 294My Champion (1981)DramaSlipcase1984
M 295The Secret Policeman's Private Parts (1984)Music/ComedySlipcase1984
M 296Fatal Games (1984)Horror/SportsSlipcase1984
M 297Fish Hawk (1979)DramaSlipcase1984
M 300The Light at the Edge of the World (1971)AdventureSlipcase1984
M 301Fantastic Animation Festival (1977)AnimationSlipcase1982
M 302Superman (1941)AnimationSlipcase1982
M 303Gulliver's Travels (1939)AnimationSlipcase1982
M 304Animal Farm (1954)AnimationSlipcase1978
M 305Cartoon Classics of the 1930s (1930s)AnimationSlipcase1982
M 306Shame of the Jungle (1979) [Meda]AnimationSlipcase1979
M 307Electric Light Voyage (1979)AnimationSlipcase1981
M 308Little Lulu (19??)AnimationSlipcase1981
M 309Angel (1979-TV)AnimationSlipcase1982
M 310Captain Future (1978-TV)AnimationSlipcase1982
M 311Spunky & Tadpole (1958-TV)AnimationSlipcase1982
M 312Fables of the Green Forest (1973-TV)AnimationSlipcase1982
M 313The Night Before Christmas (1968-TV)AnimationSlipcase1981
M 314Hansel and Gretel (1954)AnimationSlipcase1981
M 316Silent Night (1976-TV)AnimationSlipcase1981
M 317Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp (1982)AnimationSlipcase1982
M 318Swan Lake (1981)AnimationSlipcase1982
M 319Puss 'N Boots (1969)AnimationSlipcase1982
M 320The Night Before Christmas (1968-TV) / Silent Night (1976-TV)AnimationSlipcase1982
M 321The Moonstone Gem (1983)AnimationSlipcase1984
M 322Popeye in the Wild West (1984)AnimationSlipcase1984
M 324The Adventures of Felix the Cat (1959-TV)AnimationSlipcase1984
M 325Popeye and Friends in Outer Space (1984)AnimationSlipcase1984
M 326You're the Greatest, Charlie Brown (1979-TV) / Life Is a Circus, Charlie Brown (1980-TV)AnimationSlipcase1984
M 328It's Magic, Charlie Brown (1981-TV) / Charlie Brown's All Stars (1966-TV)AnimationSlipcase1984
M 329Felix's Magic Bag of Tricks (1959-TV)AnimationSlipcase1984
M 331A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965-TV) / You're Not Elected, Charlie Brown (1972-TV)AnimationSlipcase1984
M 332It's Your First Kiss, Charlie Brown (1977-TV) / Someday You'll Find Her, Charlie Brown (1981-TV)AnimationSlipcase1984
M 334Felix the Cat in Outer Space (1959-TV)AnimationSlipcase1984
M 335It's Flashbeagle, Charlie Brown (1984-TV) / She's a Good Skate, Charlie Brown (1980-TV)AnimationSlipcase1984
M 336It's An Adventure, Charlie Brown (1983-TV)AnimationSlipcase1984
M 338Flash Gordon - Space Adventurer Volume 2 (1979-TV)AnimationSlipcase1984
M 339It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (1966-TV)AnimationSlipcase1984
M 341A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965-TV)AnimationSlipcase1984
M 342Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown (1975-TV)AnimationSlipcase1985
M 343It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown! (1974-TV)AnimationSlipcase1985
M 346Popeye - Travelin' On About Travel (1983-TV)AnimationSlipcase1985
M 413Jimi Hendrix Concert (19??)MusicSlipcase1978
M 414In the Studio (19??) [Meda]MusicSlipcase1978
M 416Blood Sweat & Tears Featuring B.J. Thomas Live (19??) [Meda]MusicSlipcase1978
M 418Stevie Wonder Live (19??) [Meda]MusicSlipcase1978
M 419Seals & Crofts and Martin Mull Live (19??) [Meda]MusicSlipcase1978
M 421A Tribute to Billie Holiday (19??) [Meda]MusicSlipcase1978
M 424A Flower Out of Place (1974-TV) [Meda]MusicSlipcase1978
M 425Rock Stars '69 Studio Sessions (19??) [Meda]MusicSlipcase1978
M 427Alice Cooper and Friends (1977-TV)MusicSlipcase1978
M 429James Brown Live in Concert (1979)MusicSlipcase1984
M 430Magical Mystery Tour (1968-TV)MusicSlipcase1981
M 431Muscle Motion (1983)ExerciseSlipcase1983
M 432J.F.K. - From Boyhood to Presidency (19??)DocumentarySlipcase1983
M 433Frank Shorter's Run! (1983)ExerciseSlipcase1984
M 434Chuck Berry Hosts: Born to Rock (1965)MusicSlipcase1988
M 437Yoko Ono Then and Now (1984)DocumentarySlipcase1984
M 439The Guess Who - Together Again (1983)MusicSlipcase1984
M 440The Band Reunion (1983)MusicSlipcase1984
M 441David Bowie - Serious Moonlight (1983)MusicSlipcase1984
M 443Journey - Frontiers & Beyond (1983)MusicSlipcase1984
M 444The Style Council - Far East & Far Out (1984)MusicSlipcase1984
M 445The Pritikin Promise: 28 Days to a Longer, Healthier Life (1984)ExerciseSlipcase1984
M 446The Pritikin Promise Home Exercise Program (1984)ExerciseSlipcase1984
M 447The Slim Gourmet (1984)InstructionalSlipcase1984
M 448Marvin Mitchelson On Divorce (1984)EducationalSlipcase1984
M 449Surfing Beach Party (1983)MusicSlipcase1984
M 450Judas Priest Live (1982)MusicSlipcase1984
M 451Big Country Live (1984)MusicSlipcase1984
M 452Elvis '68 Comeback Special (1968)MusicSlipcase1984
M 454The A.R.M.S. Concert Part One (1983)MusicSlipcase1984
M 455The A.R.M.S. Concert Part Two (1983)MusicSlipcase1984
M 456Dire Straits - Alchemy Live (1983)MusicSlipcase1984
M 458Siouxsie And The Banshees - Nocturne (1983)MusicSlipcase1984
M 460Digital Dreams (1983-TV)Music/BiographySlipcase1984
M 462Australia Now (198?)MusicSlipcase1984
M 463Elvis: Aloha from Hawaii (1973-TV)MusicSlipcase1984
M 464Go, Johnny, Go! (1959)MusicalSlipcase1984
M 465The Jam - Video Snap! (198?)MusicSlipcase1985
M 466The Decline of Western Civilization (1981)DocumentarySlipcase1985
M 467Elvis: One Night with You (1968-TV)MusicSlipcase1985
M 468Tears for Fears - In My Mind's Eye (1983)MusicSlipcase1986
M 470Elvis '56 (1987-TV)MusicSlipcase1987
M 501Alice in Wonderland (1976)Adult/FantasySlipcase1981
M 502Flesh Gordon (1974)Adult/Sci-FiSlipcase1978
M 505Hey, There's Naked Bodies on My TV! (1978)ComedySlipcase1979
M 506The First Nudie Musical (1976)Comedy/MusicalSlipcase1978
M 508The Nine Ages of Nakedness (1970)ComedySlipcase1978
M 509Fairy Tales (1978)Comedy/MusicalSlipcase19??
M 510Sex and the Office Girl (1972)AdultSlipcase1978
M 511Slaves of Love (1969)Erotic/AdventureSlipcase19??
M 512Swinging Ski Girls (197?)Erotic/ComedySlipcase19??
M 513Swinging Sorority Girls (1976)Erotic/ComedySlipcase19??
M 514Fyre (1979) [Meda]Erotic/DramaSlipcase1979
M 515Nocturna: Granddaughter of Dracula (1978) [Meda]Erotic/HorrorSlipcase1978
M 516Dracula Sucks (1978)Adult/HorrorSlipcase1979
M 517Mustang (1976)DocumentarySlipcase1978
M 518SS Girls (1977)Drama/ThrillerSlipcase1981
M 520Once Upon a Girl (1976)Adult/AnimationSlipcase1981
M 521Confessions of a Young American Housewife (1974)Erotic/DramaSlipcase1981
M 522Secret Fantasy (1971)Erotic/ComedySlipcase1982
M 701Chanel Solitaire (1981)DramaSlipcase1984
M 702Zebra Force (1976)Action/CrimeSlipcase1984
M 703Kavik the Wolf Dog (1980-TV)Drama/AdventureSlipcase1984
M 704The Sell Out (1976)Drama/ActionSlipcase1984
M 705Speedtrap (1977)Crime/ActionSlipcase1984
M 707Haunts (1977)HorrorSlipcase1984
M 708The Kingfisher Caper (1975)DramaSlipcase1984
M 709Christiane F. (1981)DramaSlipcase1984
M 710The Blade Master (1984)FantasySlipcase1984
M 711The 2000 Year-Old Man (1975-TV)AnimationSlipcase1984
M 712Gold Raiders (1983)Action/AdventureSlipcase1984
M 713The Man in the Santa Claus Suit (1979-TV)DramaSlipcase1984
M 714From Hell to Victory (1979)WarSlipcase1984
M 715Blood and Black Lace (1964)HorrorSlipcase1984
M 716Gone in 60 Seconds (1974)Action/ThrillerSlipcase1984
M 718Smithereens (1982)Drama/MusicSlipcase1984
M 719The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)HorrorSlipcase1984
M 720On the Yard (1978)DramaSlipcase1984
M 721Draw! (1984-TV)Western/ComedySlipcase1984
M 722Beau Pere (1981)DramaSlipcase1984
M 723She Came to the Valley (1979)WesternSlipcase1984
M 724Running Wild (1973)WesternSlipcase1984
M 725The Plumber (1979-TV)Horror/ThrillerSlipcase1984
M 726A Quiet Day in Belfast (1974)DramaSlipcase1984
M 729The Demon Murder Case (1983-TV)Horror/ThrillerSlipcase1984
M 730Door to Door (1985)ComedySlipcase1985
M 751Surf Nazis Must Die (1987)Action/ComedySlipcase1987
M 754Sea Devils (1953)Drama/AdventureSlipcase1984
M 756The Prince and the Pauper (1978)Action/AdventureSlipcase1984
M 757Surf II (1984)Comedy/MusicSlipcase1984
M 758Fleshburn (1984)Action/DramaSlipcase1984
M 7592020 Texas Gladiators (1984)Sci-Fi/ActionSlipcase1985
M 760C.H.U.D. (1984)HorrorSlipcase1984
M 761Dusty (1983)DramaSlipcase1984
M 762Aloha, Bobby and Rose (1975)DramaSlipcase1985
M 763Endgame (1983)Sci-Fi/ActionSlipcase1985
M 764The 4th Man (1983)ThrillerSlipcase1984
M 765Cross of Iron (1977)Action/WarSlipcase1985
M 766Power Play (1978)ThrillerSlipcase1984
M 769Manhunt (1972)Crime/ThrillerSlipcase1985
M 770Sleepaway Camp (1983)HorrorSlipcase1984
M 771Dead Wrong (1983)Thriller/DramaSlipcase1984
M 772Ten from Your Show of Shows (1950-TV)ComedySlipcase1985
M 773Night of the Juggler (1980)Action/DramaSlipcase1984
M 774The Cold Room (1984-TV)Drama/MysterySlipcase1984
M 775Bear Island (1979)Adventure/ThrillerSlipcase1985
M 776Silent Madness (1984)HorrorSlipcase1985
M 777Conquest (1983)FantasySlipcase1985
M 778Escape from El Diablo (1984)Action/DramaSlipcase1985
M 779Heartbreaker (1983)DramaSlipcase1985
M 781The Amazing Dobermans (1976)Crime/ComedySlipcase1985
M 782Big Meat Eater (1982)Sci-Fi/ComedySlipcase1985
M 787Choose Me (1984)Comedy/DramaSlipcase1985
M 788Skullduggery (1983)HorrorSlipcase1984
M 789Old Enough (1984)DramaSlipcase1985
M 790A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)HorrorSlipcase1985
M 791High Crime (1973)Crime/DramaSlipcase1985
M 793Beyond Reason (1977)DramaSlipcase1985
M 794Dark Forces (1980)Sci-FiSlipcase1985
M 795The Uncanny (1977)HorrorSlipcase1985
M 796Dogs of Hell (1982)HorrorSlipcase1985
M 797The Warning (1980)Crime/DramaSlipcase1985
M 798The Old Gun (1975)Drama/ThrillerSlipcase1985
M 799Somewhere Tomorrow (1983)DramaSlipcase1985
M 8009 Deaths of the Ninja (1985)Martial ArtsSlipcase1985
M 801The 39 Steps (1978)Mystery/ThrillerSlipcase1985
M 802Scared to Death (1981)Sci-Fi/HorrorSlipcase1985
M 803Escape from the Bronx (1983)Sci-Fi/ActionSlipcase1985
M 804Eagle's Wing (1979)WesternSlipcase1985
M 805The Lift (1985)HorrorSlipcase1986
M 807The Game Is Over (1966)DramaSlipcase1986
M 808Creature (1984)Horror/Sci-FiSlipcase1985
M 809Ninja Mission (1984)Martial ArtsSlipcase1985
M 811Hundra (1983)FantasySlipcase1985
M 812A Touch of Class (1973)Comedy/DramaSlipcase1984
M 813Bloodbath at the House of Death (1984)Horror/ComedySlipcase1985
M 814The Amazing Mr. Blunden (1972)Horror/FantasySlipcase1985
M 815Jungle Warriors (1984)Action/AdventureSlipcase1985
M 816A Flash of Green (1985-TV)Drama/ComedySlipcase1985
M 817When Nature Calls (1985)ComedySlipcase1985
M 818The Lady Vanishes (1979)MysterySlipcase1985
M 820Carnage (1984)HorrorSlipcase1986
M 822Caravan to Vaccares (1974)ThrillerSlipcase1987
M 826Kiss My Grits (1982)ComedySlipcase1986
M 827Manhunter (1975)Action/DramaSlipcase1986
M 828Parallel Corpse (1982)Crime/ThrillerSlipcase1986
M 829Fingers (1978)Crime/DramaSlipcase1985
M 830Mixed Blood (1984)Action/DramaSlipcase1986
M 831Creepers (1985)HorrorSlipcase1985
M 832School Spirit (1985)Comedy/FantasySlipcase1985
M 833Savage Dawn (1985)ActionSlipcase1986
M 834Heated Vengeance (1985)ActionSlipcase1987
M 837Any Friend Of Nicholas Nickleby Is A Friend Of Mine (1982-TV)Comedy/DramaSlipcase1987
M 838A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge (1985)HorrorSlipcase1986
M 839Day of the Dead (1985)HorrorSlipcase1986
M 841The Delta Force (1986)Action/WarSlipcase1986
M 842Stitches (1985)ComedySlipcase1986
M 843P.O.W. The Escape (1986)Action/WarSlipcase1986
M 844Wizards of the Lost Kingdom (1985)FantasySlipcase1986
M 845Flicks (1987)Horror/ComedySlipcase1988
M 846Santa Claus - The Movie (1985)FantasySlipcase1986
M 847The Naked Cage (1986)Action/DramaSlipcase1987
M 848Dangerously Close (1987)ActionSlipcase1987
M 849Murphy's Law (1986)Action/ThrillerSlipcase1986
M 850Class of Nuke 'Em High (1986)Sci-Fi/HorrorSlipcase1987
M 851Hamburger: The Motion Picture (1986)ComedySlipcase1986
M 852My American Cousin (1985)DramaSlipcase1986
M 860Variety (1985)DramaSlipcase1986
M 8613:15 The Moment of Truth (1986)Crime/ActionSlipcase1986
M 862Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors (1986)DocumentarySlipcase1986
M 863Thunder Run (1986)Action/ThrillerSlipcase1986
M 864The Ladies Club (1986)HorrorSlipcase1987
M 865The Check Is in the Mail (1986)ComedySlipcase1986
M 866Allan Quatermain and the Lost City of Gold (1987)AdventureSlipcase1987
M 867Birch Interval (1976)DramaSlipcase1986
M 871Nasty Habits (1977)Comedy/ThrillerSlipcase1987
M 875I Will, I Will...For Now (1976)Comedy/DramaSlipcase1986
M 877Invaders from Mars (1986)Horror/Sci-FiSlipcase1987
M 883Cocaine Wars (1985)ActionSlipcase1986
M 884The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2 (1986)HorrorSlipcase1986
M 889Choke Canyon (1986)ActionSlipcase1987
M 890Rage of Honor (1987)Martial ArtsSlipcase1987
M 891Avenging Force (1986)ActionSlipcase1987
M 89252 Pick-Up (1986)Action/ThrillerSlipcase1987
M 894Evil Judgment (1984)Crime/ThrillerSlipcase1987
M 895Firewalker (1986)Action/AdventureSlipcase1987
M 896Iron Warrior (1987)FantasySlipcase1987
M 897Aladdin (1986)FantasySlipcase1987
M 900A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors(1987)HorrorSlipcase1987
M 901Zombie Island Massacre (1984)HorrorSlipcase1988
M 902Lightning The White Stallion (1986)DramaSlipcase1987
M 903Otello (1986)Drama/MusicSlipcase1987
M 907Hollywood Harry (1986)Comedy/ThrillerSlipcase1987
M 912Steve Allen's Golden Age of Comedy (1950s-60s-TV)ComedySlipcase1987
M 914Sweet Revenge (1987)Action/AdventureSlipcase1987
M 917Lone Runner (1986)AdventureSlipcase1988
M 919Rumpelstiltskin (1986)Fantasy/MusicalSlipcase1987
M 920Mannequin (1987)ComedySlipcase1987
M 926Mission Kill (1985)Action/AdventureSlipcase1987
M 927Programmed to Kill (1987)Sci-Fi/ActionSlipcase1987
M 928Assassination (1987)Action/DramaSlipcase1987
M 930Street Smart (1987)Crime/DramaSlipcase1987
M 931Catch the Heat (1987)Action/CrimeSlipcase1987
M 933American Ninja 2: The Confrontation (1987)Martial ArtsSlipcase1987
M 935The Curse (1987)Horror/Sci-FiSlipcase1987
M 936The Wild Pair (1987)Crime/DramaSlipcase1987
M 937Survival Game (1987)ActionSlipcase1987
M 938Tough Guys Don't Dance (1987)Crime/DramaSlipcase1987
M 940The Hidden (1987)Horror/Sci-FiSlipcase1987
M 941Death Wish 4: The Crackdown (1987)Action/CrimeSlipcase1987
M 942Braddock - Missing in Action III (1987)ActionSlipcase1988
M 944Going Bananas (1987)ComedySlipcase1988
M 950Student Confidential (1987)ComedySlipcase1988
M 951Surf Nazis Must Die (1987)Action/ComedySlipcase1987
M 958The New Gladiators (1984)Sci-Fi/ActionSlipcase1988
M 959Saigon Commandos (1988)Action/AdventureSlipcase1988
M 960Behind Enemy Lines (1987)Action/WarSlipcase1988
M 965The Further Adventures Of Tennessee Buck (1988)Action/AdventureSlipcase1988
M 966Killer Klowns From Outer Space (1988)Horror/Sci-FiSlipcase1988
M 967Mercenary Fighters (1988)Action/AdventureSlipcase1988
M 968Tell Me a Riddle (1980)DramaSlipcase1988
M 971The Virgin Queen Of St. Francis High (1987)Comedy/DramaSlipcase1988
M 972Deathrow Gameshow (1987)Comedy/ThrillerSlipcase1988
M 973World Gone Wild (1988)Sci-Fi/ActionSlipcase1988
M 976Grotesque (1987)HorrorSlipcase1988
M 979Withnail and I (1987)Comedy/DramaSlipcase1988
M 980Repentance (1984)Comedy/DramaSlipcase1988
M 981Zombie Island Massacre (1984)HorrorSlipcase1988
M 983The Sisterhood (1988)Action/Sci-FiSlipcase1988
M 986The Barbarians (1987)FantasySlipcase1988
M 987Beachballs (1988)ComedySlipcase1988
M012000A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master (1988)HorrorSlipcase1988
M012004Sticky Fingers (1988)ComedySlipcase1988
M012005Ferocious Female Freedom Fighters (1982)Action/ComedySlipcase1988
M012006Dangerous Love (1988)ThrillerSlipcase1988
M012007Seven Hours to Judgment (1988)ThrillerSlipcase1988
M012009High Spirits (1988)Horror/ComedySlipcase1988
M012010Freeway Maniac (1988)HorrorSlipcase1988
M012011Platoon Leader (1988)War/DramaSlipcase1988
M012013The Invisible Kid (1988)Sci-Fi/ComedySlipcase1988
M012014All's Fair (1989)ComedySlipcase1989
M012015Purple People Eater (1988)Sci-Fi/ComedySlipcase1988
M012016Full Moon in Blue Water (1988)Drama/ComedySlipcase1988
M012017Hanna's War (1988)War/DramaSlipcase1988
M012018Kansas (1988)Crime/DramaSlipcase1988
M012020Hero and the Terror (1988)ActionSlipcase1988
M012021Bat 21 (1988)War/DramaSlipcase1989
M012022Messenger of Death (1988)Action/ThrillerSlipcase1988
M012030Thirst (1979)HorrorSlipcase1988
M012050Let it Rock (1983)Drama/MusicSlipcase1988
M012104The Black Cat (1981)HorrorSlipcase1988
M012106Cry for Me Billy (1972)WesternSlipcase1988
M012112The Zany Adventures of Robin Hood (1984-TV)ComedySlipcase1988
M012145Stormquest (1987)Fantasy/ActionSlipcase1988
M012166Whiffs (1975)Comedy/CrimeSlipcase1988
M012168Dead Ringers (1988)Thriller/DramaSlipcase1989
M012182The Helter Skelter Murders (1970)Crime/DramaSlipcase1989
M012192Lurkers (1987)HorrorSlipcase1988
M012197Troma's War (1988)Action/ComedySlipcase1989
M012211The Class of Miss MacMichael (1979)ComedySlipcase1989
M012233Nam Angels (1989)ActionSlipcase1989
M012243Haunted Summer (1988)DramaSlipcase1989
M012245Through Naked Eyes (1983-TV)ThrillerSlipcase1989
M012256Wizards of the Lost Kingdom II (1989)FantasySlipcase1989
M012259Sonny Boy (1989)ActionSlipcase1991
M012334The Expendables (1988)Action/WarSlipcase1989
M012336Skin Deep (1989)ComedySlipcase1989
M012392Speed Zone (1989)Comedy/ActionSlipcase1989
M012405Self Defense (1984)ThrillerSlipcase1989
M012406Will Rogers: Look Back in Laughter (1987-TV)BiographySlipcase1989
M012413Down Twisted (1987)Action/CrimeSlipcase1990
M012458Delta Force 2: Operation Stranglehold (1990)ActionSlipcase1990
M012459Think Big (1989)ComedySlipcase1990
M012460A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child (1989-R rated)HorrorSlipcase1989
M012462Ministry of Vengeance (1989)Action/ThrillerSlipcase1989
M0124821969 (1988)Drama/WarSlipcase1989
M012483Patty Hearst (1988)DramaSlipcase1989
M012484A World Apart (1988)DramaSlipcase1990
M012495Committed (1991)ThrillerSlipcase1991
M012496I, Madman (1989)HorrorSlipcase1989
M012497Teen Witch (1989)Comedy/FantasySlipcase1990
M012554A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child (1989-Unrated)HorrorSlipcase1989
M012557Rabid Grannies (1988)Horror/ComedySlipcase1990
M012560Boggy Creek II (1985)HorrorSlipcase1990
M012569Snake Eater (1989)ActionSlipcase1989
M012586Indio (1989)Action/AdventureSlipcase1990
M012594Stuff Stephanie in the Incinerator (1989)Horror/ComedySlipcase1990
M012595Blades (1989)Horror/ComedySlipcase1990
M012599Night of the Sharks (1988)ActionSlipcase1990
M012600Beverly Hills Brats (1989)ComedySlipcase1990
M012611Spontaneous Combustion (1989)HorrorSlipcase1990
M012613Enemies, A Love Story (1989)Drama/ComedySlipcase1990
M012616From Hollywood to Deadwood (1989)Crime/ThrillerSlipcase1990
M012617That Summer of White Roses (1989)Drama/WarSlipcase1990
M012622Meet the Hollowheads (1989)Comedy/Sci-FiSlipcase1990
M012623Nobody's Perfect (1989)ComedySlipcase1990
M012628Nightbreed (1990)Horror/FantasySlipcase1990
M012630Fatal Mission (1989)ActionSlipcase1989
M012709Kill Crazy (1989)ActionSlipcase1990
M012725Backstab (1990)Drama/ThrillerSlipcase1990
M012751Silence Like Glass (1989)DramaSlipcase1990
M012752I Come in Peace (1990)Sci-Fi/ActionSlipcase1990
M012758The Applegates (1990)ComedySlipcase1991
M012762May Wine (1990-TV)Comedy/DramaSlipcase1991
M012763Martial Law (1990)ActionSlipcase1991
M012770The Shrimp on the Barbie (1990)ComedySlipcase1991
M012777The Maid (1991-TV)Comedy/DramaSlipcase1991
M012778Fourth Story (1991-TV)ThrillerSlipcase1991
M012779The Perfect Bride (1991-TV)ThrillerSlipcase1991
M012788Two Evil Eyes (1990)HorrorSlipcase1991
M012794Stroke of Midnight (1990-TV)Comedy/DramaSlipcase1991
M012798A Climate for Killing (1991)DramaSlipcase1991
M012799Eversmile, New Jersey (1989)Comedy/DramaSlipcase1991
M012803My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys (1991)DramaSlipcase1991
M012806Ambition (1991)Drama/ThrillerSlipcase1991
M012814Paris Trout (1991)DramaSlipcase1991
M012820Black Rainbow (1989)Horror/ThrillerSlipcase1991
M012822Deadlock (1991)Sci-Fi/ActionSlipcase1991
M012868Payoff (1991)ActionSlipcase1991
M022089Felix in Outer Space (1959-TV)AnimationSlipcase198?
M022094Superman (1941)AnimationSlipcase198?
M022388Life Is a Circus, Charlie Brown (1980-TV)AnimationSlipcase1989
M022506Cricket's Clubhouse (1988)AnimationSlipcase1989
M022527Pee Wee’s Playhouse Christmas Special (1988)Comedy/FamilySlipcase1989
M022633My Favorite Fairy Tales - Volume 6 (19??)AnimationSlipcase19??
M042024Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1988-Spanish dub)Horror/Sci-FiSlipcase19??
M042031World Gone Wild (1988-Spanish dub)Sci-Fi/ActionSlipcase19??
M052532Sherlock Holmes: The Woman in Green (1945)MysterySlipcase19??
M062130Let Me Love You (1973)EroticSlipcase19??
M062137Juliet's Desire (1969)EroticSlipcase19??
M062203Evil Come, Evil Go (1972)Erotic/HorrorSlipcase19??
M062593Sun Bunnies (1976)Erotic/ComedySlipcase19??
M062759Hot on the Trail (1974)Erotic/ActionSlipcase19??
M082451Buddy Hackett 2: On Stage At Caesar’s Atlantic City (19??)ComedySlipcase1989
M082493Jock Jokes (19??)ComedySlipcase1989
M102401High Stakes Heroes (1989)SportsSlipcase1989
M102403See How They Run (1989)SportsSlipcase1989
M112384Beau Pere (1981)DramaSlipcase1989
M122879Scanners 2: The New Order (1991)Sci-Fi/HorrorSlipcase1991
M152766The Art of Speed (1991)SportsSlipcase1991
CC5017My New Partner (1984)Comedy/CrimeSlipcase1985
CC5020Le Beau Mariage (1984)Comedy/DramaSlipcase1986
CC5028My Night at Maud's (1969)DramaSlipcase1987
CC5035Throne of Blood (1957)DramaSlipcase1987
CC8016Soldier of Orange (1977)Drama/WarSlipcase1985

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