Saturday, June 22, 2013

VHS Index: The Other Hell (Vestron Video)

Distributor Info
Title: The Other Hell
Distr: Vestron Video
Cat #: 4493
Case: Slipcase
Year: 1987

Movie Info
Orig. Title: L'altro inferno
Director: Bruno Mattei (as Stefan Oblowsky)
Year: 1981
Country: Italy
Genre: Horror
Subgenre: Nunsploitation/Possession/Occult

"Say Your Prayers."

"To Hell With The Devil!"

Box Synopsis:
           "A series of mysterious and brutal murders rocks a peaceful convent - and no one knows whether it is the work of a mass murderer or the devil himself!
           In the silent dark of the night, a nun's brutally battered body is found by her Mother Superior. Horror stricken, the Mother Superior calls in a priest to exorcize the demons from the convent - but his arrival only provokes more murders. Now the nun's normal day activities are interrupted by shrieks of terror and newfound victims. Faith and survival are at stake as the convent turns from a haven of serenity and contemplation into THE OTHER HELL!"

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