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The VHS Index: Thriller Video

Cat #:Title:Genre: Case Type:Year:
202-462The Cyclops (Elvira) (1984)HorrorBig box1985
202-490The Silent Scream (Elvira) (1982-TV)HorrorBig box1985
202-491Children of the Full Moon (Elvira) (1980-TV)HorrorBig box1985
202-492Witching Time (Elvira) (1982-TV)HorrorBig box1985
202-534Visitor from the Grave (Elvira) (1982-TV)HorrorBig box1985
202-535The Carpathian Eagle (Elvira) (1982-TV)HorrorBig box1985
202-536The House that Bled to Death (Elvira) (1982-TV)HorrorBig box1985
202-583Guardian of the Abyss (Elvira) (1982-TV)HorrorBig box1985
202-584Growing Pains (Elvira) (1982-TV)HorrorBig box1985
202-585The Two Faces of Evil (Elvira) (1982-TV)HorrorBig box1985
202-586The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Elvira) (1968-TV)HorrorBig box1985
202-603Charlie Boy (Elvira) (1982-TV)HorrorBig box1985
202-604The Thirteenth Reunion (Elvira) (1980-TV)HorrorBig box1985
202-605Rude Awakening (Elvira) (1982-TV)HorrorBig box1985
202-633Dracula (Elvira) (1974-TV)HorrorBig box1985
202-634The Picture of Dorian Gray (Elvira) (1973-TV)HorrorBig box1985
202-640Attack of the Swamp Creature (Elvira) (1971)HorrorBig box1985
202-801The Turn of the Screw (Elvira) (1974-TV)HorrorBig box1985
202-820Alabama's Ghost (Elvira) (1973)HorrorBig box1985
202-853Tales from the Darkside - Volume 1 (1985-TV)HorrorBig box1986
202-854Tales from the Darkside - Volume 2 (1985-TV)HorrorBig box1986
202-900The Next Victim (1974-TV)HorrorBig box1986
202-901Murder Motel (1975-TV)HorrorBig box1986
202-902One Deadly Owner (1974-TV)HorrorBig box1986
202-903A Killer in Every Corner (1974-TV)HorrorBig box1986
202-929Tales from the Darkside - Volume 3 (1985-TV)HorrorBig box1986
202-991The Devil's Web (1974-TV)HorrorBig box1986
202-992Anatomy of Terror (1973-TV)HorrorBig box1986
202-1091Screamer (1986)HorrorSlipcase1986
202-1093I'm the Girl He Wants to Kill (1974-TV)HorrorSlipcase1986
203-489The Monster Club (Elvira) (1980)HorrorBig box1985
203-606Dead of Night (Elvira) (1977-TV)HorrorBig box1985
203-856Buried Alive (1979)HorrorBig box1986
203-931Doctor Butcher M.D. (1980)HorrorBig box1986
203-9327 Doors of Death (1981)HorrorBig box1986
203-990The Human Duplicators (1965)HorrorBig box1986
203-1067Night Stalker (1979)HorrorSlipcase1986
204-537Frankenstein (Elvira) (1973)HorrorBig box1985
205-848Make Them Die Slowly (1981)HorrorBig box1986
50560If It's a Man, Hang Up (1975)Thriller/MysterySlipcase1987

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