Wednesday, April 10, 2013

An Eye On eBay VHS: Volume #1

This post and others in the "An Eye On eBay VHS..." series will focus on Rare and desired VHS tape sales on eBay, just to give people an idea of the going prices for certain titles. Of course we're talking about eBay so that means these prices can get pretty high, due to demand for certain titles. You may be able to find these titles being sold directly from a collector for less, and of course you make be REAL lucky and find some of these titles at a thrift store, flea market, or yard sale for $0.50.

Alright tapeheads, in Volume #1 of "An Eye On eBay" we have five tapes that ended recently, and one of them is a "Holy Grail" for collectors, being one of the most desired tapes among VHS horror collectors...


Black Devil Doll from Hell (Hollywood Home Theater - 1984 - oversized clamshell), directed by Chester N. Turner, sold for a whopping $666.67! That's an insane figure, but ya gotta admit, for a movie about a DEVIL doll, it's an appropriate number! The only other tapes I can think of right now that have been up there with that figure are Last House on Dead End Street on the Sun Video label and Chester N. Turner's other movie, Tales from the Quadead Zone.

The House that Bled to Death (Thriller Video - 1985 - big box) sold for $164.37. It was a sealed mint copy, so this price is expected. I've seen previous rental copies with light sun-fade on the cover and average wear on the edges sell for $60 to $70. The Thriller Video Elvira tapes are not necessarily all that rare (being that they pop up quite often on eBay), but they're always in demand, so even well-worn copies (with intact boxes) sell for around $25 to $35 on eBay.

Torture Dungeon (Midnight Video - 1982 -big box) sold for $137.50. One of the most collectible distributors, Midnight Video tapes always command high prices, of course. This particular tape was a previous rental with stickers, heavy sun-fade on the front cover and edge-wear.

Gore-Met Zombie Chef From Hell (Camp Video - 1987 - big box) sold for $122.50. This is another in-demand title among collectors. It pops up from time-to-time on eBay. This particular one was a previous rental with just minimal wear to the front cover.

The Undertaker and His Pals (Massacre Video oversized clamshell) sold for $107.50. This tape was limited to 50 copies and came with stickers and an audio cassette tape. Massacre Video is one of what I call "The New Flesh" of VHS distributors, meaning a distributor releasing titles on VHS after the so-called "death of VHS" in 2006. Of course, the format never really died, and DIY micro-distributors like Massacre Video, Vultra Video, and a handful of others are still keeping the VHS torch lit.


  1. I definitely buy VHS. I don't trade too much, but I guess it depends on what it is and how bad I want it.