Friday, April 5, 2013

Lunchmeat Issue #7 On Sale Now

Issue #7 of the excellent VHS 'zine Lunchmeat is on sale now. Its over 50+ pages, chocked full of VHS goodness including reviews of such video delights as Thunder Warrior II, Tombstone Territory, Double Trouble, Project Nightmare and more. There's an interview with Brian Trenchard-Smith, Australian director of video classics such as The Quest, Escape 2000, Stunt Rock, Dead End Drive-In, and BMX Bandits. There's also an interview with Jeffrey Obrow, director of The Dorm that Dripped Blood, The Kindred, The Power, and the Dean Koontz adaptation Servants of Twilight. Plus character actor Eddie Deezen (Laserblast, Zapped! and a ton of other movies); actress Liane Curtis (Girlfriend from Hell, Critters 2, Rock 'n' Roll High School Forever); producer, writer, and all-around video-maven Sam Sherman talks about his awesome '80s VHS distribution label Super Video. And lots more, including a history of classic vid label Thriller Video.
There are only 1000 copies printed and
once they're gone that's it.
Go here to get your copy now:

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