Thursday, April 18, 2013

An Eye On eBay VHS: Volume #2

Welcome to Volume #2 of An Eye On eBay, where I provide an overview of recent VHS auctions that have ended on eBay. This will be an ongoing part of the blog, and will hopefully provide a log, for the benefit of myself and others, of the "going price" for the rarest VHS tapes on eBay - the "top shelf" tapes, so to speak. What I will be including on these lists will be the more high dollar tapes, since these are generally the rarer titles. While $50 is a good chunk of change, it's about the average range for semi-rare to rare tapes in "good" to "very good" condition. So for this and future postings in this series, I'm setting the price range from around $80.00 and up. And by the way, when I say rare, I mean RARE. People on eBay throw the word "rare" around too much, using it for everything from Microwave Massacre to Pulp Fiction. They also use "OOP" a lot; which is redundant since all VHS listings on eBay are out-of-print.

Inquisition (Video City Productions - 1984 - oversized clamshell) sold for $202.50. Video City tapes are pretty rare, and this Paul Naschy film is definitely one of the most sought after tapes from that distributor. This particular tape was a former rental but looked to be in really good condition with only minor sun-fade to the front cover.
Warlock Moon (Unicorn Video - early '80s - oversized clamshell) sold for $162.50. Another tape in high demand that does not show up that often on eBay. The film was directed by Bill Herbert in 1973 and did the drive-in circuit before hitting video shelves in the early '80s. This auction was a former rental, and judging from the picture looked to be in very good condition. As is the case with some VHS tapes from the early '80s, a Betamax label was used on the face of the tape.
Bloodthirsty Butchers (Midnight Video - 1982 - big box) sold for $91.00. In Volume #1 of An Eye On eBay there was a Torture Dungeon from Midnight Video that sold for $137.50 (from the same seller I believe). That tape had quite a bit more sun-fade to the front cover than this one, but other than that both looked to be in decent shape. This was a prior rental as well. Currently there's an auction going on for a sealed copy of The Man With 2 Heads Betamax on Midnight Video, so we'll see how that ends.
Last Orgy of the Third Reich (Video City Productions - 1985 - oversized clamshell) sold for $84.94. Here's another rare Video City tape of an Italian grindhouse "Nazisploitation" flick from 1977, directed by Cesare Canevari and also known as The Gestapo's Last Orgy. Does not come up for auction on eBay that often, hence the hefty closing bid. This tape was a former rental in good condition save for some very minor sun-fade.
Gore-Met Zombie Chef from Hell (Camp Video - 1987 - big box) sold for $80.01. This tape is always in demand, as evidenced in Volume #1 of An Eye On eBay where a copy sold for $122.50. This auction was for a very clean tape in excellent condition. I know because I had bid up to $78.00, and my mobile eBay app on my phone decided to glitch during the last few seconds of the auction when I was about to increase my bid to $85.00. Damn you eBay app! Oh well, one day you will be mine Zombie Chef!!

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